Advice sheets for doctors

As part of the European program « Fruit and Veg 4 Health » – 2018-2020 and following the EGEA conference of November 2018 which gathered scientific experts and health professionals from all over the world, Aprifel is developing advice sheets for general practitioners, gynecologists and pediatricians.

These sheets are entirely based on scientific facts. They will enable doctors to have more knowledge about nutrition, and especially about the health benefits of F&V and their part in prevention of chronic diseases such as cancers or cardiovascular diseases. They target young people (from pregnancy to adolescence), and adults as well. The goal is to facilitate dialogue between doctor and patient thanks to short and practical advice since they are the most reliable source of information regarding diet and nutrition.

Those advice sheets have been created in partnership with WONCA Europe, ECOG and the University College of General Practice (CUMG) of the University of Lyon 1. Seven out of 14 sheets will be available by the end of 2019; the others will be released in 2020.

An online form will be available soon to receive the advice sheets. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Advice sheets for doctors

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