Better health systems for a healthy diet

One of the objectives of the European action plan (proposed by the WHO – Europe regional office) for the diet and nutrition policy 2015-2020 is to improve the knowledge of primary health professionals regarding nutrition.

(Excerpt of the) European action plan for a diet and nutrition policy 20152020

Objective 3 – Reinforce health systems to promote healthy diets

  1. Improve capacity and training for primary health care professionals, including guidance on appropriate nutrition counselling and weight monitoring and management. Member States will prioritize and coordinate their nutrition policies with primary health care or people-centred health care policies to meet the Health 2020 principles and priorities. Information, brief interventions and counselling about healthy diets and their influence on overall health and nutritional status will be included in care paths, with a particular focus on primary care and home care services.
  1. Improve capacity and training for professionals in nutrition in order to secure a skilled public health workforce in addition to delivering high-quality nutrition services in health care settings. Member States, under WHO guidance, will provide public health and health care professionals with evidence-based information on nutrition in professional education systems and through best practice examples, guidance and guidelines1