As partner of France Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition 2015 in Milan, Aprifel is organizing its 7th edition of Egea conference.

Dietary patterns that are rich in fruit and vegetables are both healthy and environmentally-friendly. We need policy options that encourage healthy dietary patterns while making food production and consumption more sustainable, and ultimately improving public health. Dietary patterns play a significant role in shaping the resource consumption and environmental impact of a given population. Consuming the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables will thus not only impact human health but also the environment.

Since 2003, under the chairmanship of Professor Elio Riboli, we developed the EGEA Conference, a strategy for evidence-based policymaking which brings together multi-disciplinary knowledge and stakeholders to explore and develop concrete recommendations for policy and practice changes. EGEA has received support and recognition from the European Commission, in particular the Directorate-General for Agriculture and DG SANCO. The EGEA Conference was hosted at the European Commission in Brussels twice in 2007 and 2010.

The EGEA initiative has been recognized by the World Health Organization, in 2008 for the promotion of the consumption of F&V. At the crossroads of research, market and public policy, EGEA mobilizes decision-makers across frontiers and sectors to promote a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, healthy for individuals and for their environment.

Prominent speakers (from diverse backgrounds) will explore integrated options to increase fruit and vegetables consumption, taking into account the latest developments in the fields of Nutrition, Health, Marketing, Sociology, Environment, Economics and Legislation…

EGEA 2015 will include a one-day focus session on how to give our children a healthy start in life, with a special focus on the European Program “School Fruit Scheme”.

Support the event, join in the discussion and help shape agricultural, economic, environmental and health policies that effectively converge to nurture the wellbeing of generations to come.

On behalf of Professor Elio Riboli and the scientific committee members, I invite researchers from involved disciplines to take advantage of the presence of eminent experts, participate to the call for posters and send their ongoing work abstracts.

Look forward to seeing you in Milan!

Saida Barnat

Egea Scientific Coordinator